18-19 August 2017
Ho Chi Mingh City in Vietnam

The APEC Regulatory Harmonization Steering Committee (RHSC) has announced the third, and final, Senior Officials Meeting (SOM III), at Ho Chi Mingh City in Vietnam. You can view the RHSC draft agenda below. Interestingly, the RHSC (primarily comprised of senior representatives from the APEC Regulatory Authorities, including US FDA), has invited each of the CoE leaders to participate in a social gathering and to present information on the success of their various pilot programs. It’s an opportunity to allow each of the CoEs across all strategic objectives (Pharmacovigilance, Supply Chains, Multi-regional clinical trials, Good Regulatory and Review Practices, etc.) to get together and discuss how their various CoE’s may need to overlap (i.e., supply chain issues for clinical trial practices or pharmacovigilance as a means to signal suspicious product in the market place, etc.)

If you are interested in attending and representing Rx-360, this is a great opportunity for seeing how the RHSC and APEC works. It really is a very impressive program managed by our US State Department.

For interested representatives please email [email protected] and we will do our best in assisting you in the registration process.

RHSC VN SOM3 draft agenda

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