Cargo Theft Conference

19-21 September 2017
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Cargo Theft Training

Registration can be found in the PDF above.

Hosted by:
National Insurance Crime Bureau
U.S. DOT – Drug Interdiction Assistance Program
Middle – Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network®
Southeastern Pennsylvania Criminal Interdiction Working Group
Fraternal Order of Police – Lodge 5

This event is designed for law enforcement and corporate security personnel for the purpose of enhancing skills and developing cooperative relationships. All information should be considered law enforcement / security sensitive.

“Cargo Theft” is a billion dollar a year business every year. Come out and learn how to prevent hi-jackings, detect hi-jacked loads and then what to do with that hi-jacked load after you have recovered it. Learn from case studies and law enforcement officials that specialize in cargo theft. Not only does cargo theft effect the insurance industry but it also effects the private consumer. This conference will allow law enforcement and private sector speakers to explain national

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