Rx-360 Africa GDP Work Group Hosts GDP Workshop in Ghana

This was the first workshop hosted with the new (revamped) training material over a
3 day period as opposed to the previous 2 day offering. The workshop included
various breakout sessions with a focus on Cold Chain and Root Cause Analysis.
The workshop was successfully conducted in Accra, Ghana, at the Alisa Hotel.

A total of 40 participants (including presenters) attended the workshop from the
following countries: Nigeria, Sudan, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, and Ethiopia.

Experts from Pfizer, Amgen, Roche and Novartis presented the various GDP Topics
during the workshop. The participants were very eager to learn and engagement was high from start to end of the workshop. There were very healthy debates on the Temperature Mapping exercise and even more so for the Root Cause Analysis exercise.

The participants found great value in the warehouse Tour that took place at IHS in
Tema. The participants voiced their appreciation for the tour as this allowed them to
link the training topics to real life scenarios.

The breakout sessions were a great success as this allowed the participants to
practice some of the topics which they had just learned. The participants were
divided into several groups and each group had to nominate a representative who
would provide feedback to the larger audience at the end of each breakout session.

Overall the workshop was well received with 48% of the participants rating the
workshop as very good and 33% of the participants rating the workshop as