Rx-360 Welcomes Newest Supplier Member mpro5

Rx-360 would like to welcome our newest supplier member mpro5 by Crimson Tide. We asked several questions to better understand their position within the supply chain and the expectations they have of the consortium. We are happy to have mpro5 as a collaborative member of Rx-360 in our mission to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes to improve the integrity of the health care supply chain. As always, you can contact mpro5 and all member organizations through our Member Directory. Welcome to the consortium mpro5 we look forward to working with you.

Can you tell us a little bit about your company or organization?

Mpro5 is a service of Crimson Tide, an enterprise class mobile business solution available on iOS, Android & Windows devices. For more than 12 years Crimson Tide has been at the forefront of enterprise mobile technology helping ambitious companies and organizations to transform and strengthen their global workforces.

Founded in 1996, Crimson Tide’s primary focus was in CRM and telecoms software solutions. Using the experience built up over that period, Crimson Tide went on to develop mpro5, a mobile solution that transforms the way businesses manage their mobile communications and workflow.  mpro5 has now become the primary focus of the business and is constantly adapting and innovating to meet the pressing needs of the increasingly mobile environment.

We’re proud to be leaders in enterprise mobility solutions. We appreciate that our customers have busy lives and we strive to keep everything we do, smart and simple; from the software we use, to our straightforward price plan.  Industries as diverse as healthcare providers, retailers, logistics companies and facilities management organizations have all seen efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction improve with the help of mpro5.

With regards to health and patient care, mpro5 is being used by a number of global pharma and healthcare organizations to improve patient safety and efficiency.

What led mpro5 to join Rx-360?

mpro5 joined Rx-360 to further our understanding of the potential use of smartphone and tablet applications and IoT devices within the healthcare sector. We have been highly impressed by CEO, Mark Paxton’s evangelism of the key factors in patient safety around the globe and, with our mpro5 platform already contributing to the tracking and mitigation of falsified, adulterated and counterfeit medicines, we believed that with collaboration, we could help make a real difference. We firmly believe that tactical solutions are available to address real world issues now, and hope to dissolve some of the dogma that seems to exist among regulatory authorities and their private sector stakeholders.

Which areas are you looking to get involved in with Rx-360?

mpro5 is interested in becoming involved in a technology solutions working group to assist in recommendations and awareness of emerging technologies.

Is there something else you’d like to share with your new Rx-360 community or the public at large?

With patient safety being the guiding force behind the Rx-360 consortium, it aligns well with many of mpro5’s healthcare solutions. A few examples are:

Asset/Inventory Management: Our healthcare asset management application puts patient safety first through managing and maintaining the assets and inventory needed to treat patients. View case study here.

Treatment Management: Our hemophilia application for the National Coagulation Center manages the treatment of patients with severe hemophilia. The app provides: doctors with real-time alerts of patient’s self-reported bleeding events, alerts patients if a recall has been initiated, tracks and reports patient’s infusions, and manages the patient’s inventory and inventory expiry dates. Click here to learn more.

Manufacturers: mpro5 has developed patient facing applications focused on treatment adherence and reporting for trials and post marketed drugs.  We understand that data integrity is a key focus when developing applications for pharmaceuticals as are the regional reporting requirements.

We look forward to working with the members of Rx-360 and supporting the mission of the consortium. We welcome the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and dig deeper into finding the right solutions to help protect all patients from the vulnerabilities we currently face within the supply chain.

*Crimson Tide does business solely as mpro5 in some countries.