Audit Report

AMCOR Flexibles JA – 873

Audit #: JA - 873
Region: United States
Material: Packaging
Company: Amcor Flexibles
Location: 6850 Midland Industrial Drive Shelby KY, United States
Date: 22-23 May 2017

This Rx-360 Audit Report contains the following scope:

The scope of the audit included the manufacturing, packaging, testing and distribution of
materials used for purposes of the packaging of medicinal products. Specifically, foil for
blister lidding, manufacturing of foil 10038, 13036, 13294 and 15088, and Quality Systems.
The audit was based on Rx-360 Guideline for Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials for
Medicinal Products, V 1.0 and the Rx-360 Supply Chain Security Checklist 2.0.