Audit Report

GE Healthcare BioScience Bioprocess

Audit #: JA - 788
Region: United States
Material: Basic Chemicals/Raw Materials
Company: GE Healthcare Bioscience Bioprocess
Location: 14 Walkup Drive Westborough MA 01571
Date: 3-4 May 2017

This Rx-360 Audit Report contains the following scope:

The scope of the audit includes the manufacture, packaging and testing of the following:
26627 Bag Cell 20L Bioclear 10 Film, Specification: Q30977
26638 Bag Cell 50L Bioclear 10 Film, Specification: Q30988
29167 Filter Hollow Fiber, Specification Q31011
10165666 Ftlr Assy ST RTP Hollow Fiber, Specification: Q31199
The audit was based on Rx-360 Consortium guidelines for Basic c