Audit Report

Imerys Minerals JA – 890

Audit #: JA - 890
Region: Australia
Material: Basic Chemicals/Raw Materials
Company: Imerys Minerals
Location: 3610 Glenelg Hwy Pittong VIC
Date: 9-10 November 2017

This Rx-360 Audit Report contains the following scope:

Audit focused on Light Kaolin (BP – (LKBP) production based at the Pittong, Victoria Australia
plant in Australia and the resource mine where the raw material is sourced from in the local area.
There were no sponsor special request items received or included in the scope of this audit.
This audit included an inspection of raw material mine site adjacent to the production site. The
audit process covered raw material and included production processes up to point of final product
Applicable QMS, batch manufacturing records and quality control (QC) test data and certificate of
analysis were reviewed as part of the audit process for the stated Australian LKBP production site.