The audit sharing program allows members to share redacted audit reports with other member companies.

Sharing Benefits:

  • A broader, more complete, picture of quality culture and supplier performance
  • A good source to help identify and pre-screen new suppliers
  • Potential savings with evaluation of reports and responses to reduce supplier audit frequency and length, or audit scope

In the audit sharing program, Rx-360 member audit reports (and associated audit responses from suppliers) can be uploaded into a secure database with supplier agreement. The audit reports and responses can then be accessed by other interested companies, as agreed to by the supplier. This sharing of information provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with ongoing information on specific suppliers of interest, while providing suppliers with visibility to potential customers and the possibility of reduced pre-audit paperwork as well as reduced frequency and length of audits.

Additional audit sharing program details can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

“Rx-360’s audit program brings value to the auditing experience through a joint audit and licensing approach. We have seen a willingness on the part of suppliers to accommodate thorough audits over multiple days, knowing that the information captured in the report will live on through report licensing. Because of the potential of a wider audience, the auditors are allowed to spend the time needed to realize a complete picture, which they present in the final reports.”

– Ben Mills, GMP Consultant, BSI Group

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