As supply chains become more global, complex and increasingly vulnerable to adulteration and counterfeiting, Rx-360 has increased its focus on strong partnerships between pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the integrity of supply chains through on-site auditing. The joint audit program allows members to cosponsor audits in a confidential manner.

Joint Benefits

An Rx-360 joint audit can benefit both the Rx-360 member companies who requested the audit and the audited supplier. The benefits include:

  • Members can reduce the number of audits they perform by utilizing this joint auditing approach
  • Reducing the number of pharmaceutical audits at a supplier site while increasing the effectiveness of the audits performed
  • Only the most qualified third party auditors will be utilized, ensuring that the audit is effective, efficient and audit standards are applied consistently across suppliers
  • Auditors will utilize a standardized audit approach and use a standard audit report format
  • The audit report will be placed in an electronic database that other consortium members can access in lieu of conducting an on-site audit themselves

Suppliers will have the option to restrict access to their audit report. Additional audit process details can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

“Rx-360’s audit program brings value to the auditing experience through a joint audit and licensing approach. We have seen a willingness on the part of suppliers to accommodate thorough audits over multiple days, knowing that the information captured in the report will live on through report licensing. Because of the potential of a wider audience, the auditors are allowed to spend the time needed to realize a complete picture, which they present in the final reports.”

– Ben Mills, GMP Consultant, BSI Group

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