Friday, March 06, 2015
Phase 1 Objectives Minimize

1.   Share information on proposed or new legislation and regulation that impacts the pharmaceutical supply chain

2.   Share information on counterfeits, cargo thefts and adulterated product in the pharmaceutical supply chain

3.   Develop voluntary standards for the quality and authenticity of supplies and suppliers.

4.   Develop and implement audit standards and audit training and certification programs.

5.   Create or obtain the infrastructure necessary to share data regarding quality and authenticity of supplies and suppliers that could adversely impact patient health or welfare.


Phase 2 Objectives Minimize

1.   Begin independent and shared audits.

2.   Determine if a full time audit committee is required.

3.   Implement additional standards for:

  • Right Size Testing
  • Pedigree
  • Supplier Site & Distribution
  • Channel Certification
  • Reporting of and Responding to
  • Suspicious Events


Phase 3 Objectives Minimize

Fund the further development of new technologies for securing the supply chain and detecting adulteration in the supply chain.



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