Monday, October 24, 2016
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Please Attend The 2012 PDA/FDA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference


Dear Colleagues:
Fortunately, we have not witnessed another major economically motivated adulteration incident involving pharmaceutical raw materials resulting in patient deaths.  However, let’s not get too complacent.  Most of us recognize that it not a question of whether this will happen again, but rather “when will it happen again?”
Ensuring the quality and safety of products to the patient has become increasingly more challenging in the last several years as the pharmaceutical industry continues to globalize.  This has resulted in continued concern and scrutiny of supplier controls and integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain by regulators and legislative bodies. 
The 2012 PDA/FDA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference builds on earlier PDA-FDA cosponsored conferences and workshops and provides an excellent forum for discussion of best practices and innovative approaches to prevent illicit acts such as counterfeiting, diversion, and economic adulteration from threatening the safety of the drug supply. 
Specifically there will be a number of focus sessions which will apply directly to suppliers. These include and not limit to:

  • Assuring Supply Chain Integrity through Monitoring and Metrics: Information, Sharing and Information Technology
  • Assuring Supply Chain Integrity through Monitoring and Metrics: Continual Improvement of Quality Systems
  • Enhancing Manufacturing and Distribution Systems to Assure Supply Chain Integrity: Serialization – Track and Trace
  • Minimizing Disruptions in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain – Drug Shortages
  • Assuring Supply Chain Integrity through Monitoring and Metrics: System Detection of Screening for Adulteration
  • Deriving Maximal Benefits from 3rd  Party Audits and Collaborative Supplier - Client Relationships
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security - Connecting Industry, Regulatory, and National Law Enforcements

I strongly encourage you to attend this year’s conference to stay abreast of current events and participate in developing new initiatives to ensure the integrity of the global pharmaceutical supply chain.  “We have a collective call to action, and we must act together!”  Get involved. Take this opportunity to join your colleagues learn about solutions which can improve the pharmaceutical supply chain at the 2012 PDA/FDA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference

For more information please click here or visit www.pda.org/supplychain2012



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