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  30 March 2009

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    • Perfection is the Enemy of Good
    • Rx-360's Shared Audit Process
    • Patient Safety is Not a Competitive Advantage


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04/20/09  2009 PDA Annual Meeting 
06/05/09  Rx-360 Formal Launch Meeting
06/15/09 2009 PDA/FDA Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Ingredient Supply Chain Consortium

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Letter from the Advisory Board

mvt.jpgMartin VanTrieste

Welcome to the first edition of Rx-360 News.  My fellow advisory board members and I are very pleased to bring you the latest developments on the new Rx-360 organization as well as on supply chain news in industry.

As you may have heard my colleagues or I say at recent conferences, or perhaps you’ve read, Rx-360 is a not-for-profit, international supply chain organization developed by members of the biotech, pharmaceutical and generic drug industries, including their suppliers. 

Our mission is to create and monitor a global quality system that meets the expectations of industry and regulators, that assures patient safety by enhancing the quality and authenticity of products moving through the supply chain.

I’ve heard people ask: Why create this organization and why now?

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ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering)

Rx-360 will present at the ISPE International Leadership Forum to ascertain if ISPE will collaborate with Rx-360 to solve issues associated with the ever expanding global pharmaceutical supply chain.


DCAT Week, A Huge Success!

The DCAT Week educational session on globalization of the supply chain was a huge success! 

The below speakers' presentations are available on the DCAT website here.

  • Tom Biel, SAFC’s VP of Quality who presented a supplier’s perspective
  • Matt Anderson, Baxter’s Director or Global Supplier Quality presented lessons learned from the Heparin Contamination Event
  • Katherine Eban the Author of “Dangerous Doses” discussed how criminals have infiltrated the drug wholesale business
  • FDA’s Deb Autor, CDER’s Director of Compliance and Rick Friedman, CDER’s Director of Division of Manufacturing & Product Quality presented the challenges of globalization, the risks of globalization and regulatory perspective associated with Globalization
  • Martin VanTrieste, presented how Rx-360 could facilitate dealing with these challenges and risks in a collaborative manner that would implement solutions faster than if individual firms work independently to solve these issues.

Around 200 individuals attended the session, many providing positive feedback about the content and the speakers. Additional information and a link to the slides on the DCAT web page will be provided shortly in a future e-mail.


Join us for Rx-360's Launch Meeting in D.C. on June 5



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