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Rx-360 and PCSC Host Joint Supply Chain Security Conference Minimize

Rx-360 and PCSC Host Joint Supply Chain Security Conference

Article by Megan Gebhardt Coatesworth

On January 22-23 2013, Rx-360 and PCSC (Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition) jointly hosted a supply chain security conference in Wallingford, Connecticut, that brought together over 250 pharmaceutical industry professionals, law enforcement, government entities, carriers, and risk management advocates who have a vested interest in supply chain security in the United States. Common themes included the importance of sharing intelligence, educating the industry, collaboration, and generally raising awareness of what all stakeholders can do to mitigate risks in supply chain security. 

Chuck Forsaith, Chair of PCSC, and Brian Johnson, Chair of Rx-360, opened the conference by presenting an overview of their respective organizations. Chuck praised the efforts already across the industry, citing success stories involving risk assessments, audits, technology, and ongoing educational seminars to name a few.

Brian provided an overview of the Rx-360 organization and its contributions to patient safety and specifically highlighted Rx-360’s industry white papers, authored by members and available to anyone interested through Rx-360’s website.

Highlights of the conference included the following Rx-360 white paper topics:

  • Matt Yedwabnick, Amgen, presented on Rx-360 Holistic Supply Chain Security Management System, reviewing what a comprehensive supply chain security program looks like and how a maturity model can drive measurable and sustainable improvement of practices that prevent, detect, and respond to supply chain security threats.

  • Brad Elrod, Pfizer, presented on Rx-360 Conveyance Security Program Risk Based Tools. This program provides conveyance security professionals with tools that outline risk factors and mitigation strategies to prevent cargo theft and can help newer companies in outlining their conveyance security programs.
  • Jeremy Bauman, Takeda, presented on Rx-360 Auditing of Logistic Service Providers, an area of increasing importance as companies globalize and outsource.  Jeremy emphasized the importance of security elements working across the company as a system, considerations in risk tolerance, prioritizing third party reviews, and establishing risk mitigation levels. 

All Rx-360 presentations emphasized the importance of looking at the threats of cargo theft, counterfeiting, intentional adulteration, and diversion holistically and focusing on a risk-based approach to ensuring patient safety.

An award session was held for those individuals who have demonstrated distinguished service in fighting cargo theft in the United States. Awards were presented to: S.A. Thomas Hauck, S.A. Carl M. Priddy, S.A. Gilberto Balli, S.A. Mark Aysta, TFO Michael A. Hunt, FBI Special Agent Alex Peraza, S.A.C John Cannon, S.A. Brian Johnson, Detective Reward Reyes, and Keith Lewis. These individuals have demonstrated selfless dedication to combating pharmaceutical cargo theft and unwavering dedication in helping to protect the integrity of medicinal products available to the public. PCSC and Rx-360 sincerely thanks them for their service.

In addition to recognition and highlights, the agenda included case studies, technology, industry best practices, global theft trends, government agency and legislation information. Transparency, accountability, and engaging in the right relationships across the supply chain were emphasized as key attributes for success in any of these areas. S.A. Thomas Hauck, FBI, reinforced the value of relationships, saying, “the impressive partnership between PCSC, industry professionals and law enforcement has proven vital in many of our investigations”.

Rx-360 and PCSC agree that increasing awareness and forging relationships across multiple stakeholder groups is imperative to protecting patient safety. Partnerships across industry, government agencies and law enforcement contribute to legislative efforts, criminal ring arrests, and the positive trends (the decline) we are seeing in cargo theft in the U.S.  All of these actions are risk mitigating contributors to protecting patient safety, which is what supply chain security is really all about.

Special thanks to Bristol-Meyers Squibb for hosting this important event. If you would like additional information on PCSC go to http://www.pcscpharma.com/ and for Rx-360 go to www.Rx-360.org




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