Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Message from Vice Chair: Guy Villax Minimize

Message from Vice Chair: Guy Villax

Rx-360 is in its 4th year of activity, and over this period we have seen real progress in protecting patients from the consequences of a pharmaceutical supply chain that was vulnerable to unscrupulous and criminal acts.  So far, 2013 has seen the roll-out of a series of new laws that contribute to quality and safe medicines reaching patients; e.g., the Generics Drug User Fee Act is in its first year and this July the EU’s Falsified Medicines’ Directive deadline started imposing higher regulatory hurdles for APIs used to make European Medicines.  In each of these cases, members of Rx-360 were instrumental in making these laws happen. 

Rx-360 has become the global forum for these initiatives; four years ago there was no such single point of contact where companies from all regions were able to meet, there was no system that brought innovators and generic firms to the same table, and no industry grouping engaged in constructive dialogue with the leading regulatory agencies.

Today we are collaborating, learning from each other and achieving results, quickly and at a low cost.

Rx-360 is a product of the 21st century - you will find at its core, principles that organizations simply did not believe in 20 years ago.  Rx-360 is truly global – it welcomes everyone, embraces transparency, sees richness in diversity, is not geographically based, and sees its mission applying everywhere.  Rx-360 also engages with non-governmental organizations because their experience and knowledge helps us in our mission, because we have a great deal in common and our very different perspectives assure that we can enrich each other.

Have we achieved what we set out to do? Far from it, but we are on our way.  For example, the audit piece of Rx-360 is gaining momentum more slowly than expected, but we remain convinced that this is invaluable and central to the modus operandi of the pharmaceutical supply chain of the future.  We have several ongoing initiatives to simplify the current system and we are studying some radical innovations.  

We are totally committed to make a difference in many dimensions.  By bringing people together from different countries, different pharmaceutical segments, different size companies, different stages of the supply chain, we hope to better understand the issues we face and find quicker and more effective solutions. By sharing resources and information we expect to help all members to make better decisions and adopt best practices. By taking risks and making bold steps we hope to continue to shape our Industry into something we are proud of, and something patients can trust.

If you have not yet joined Rx-360, you should.  I invite you to join us in Lisbon, Portugal on the 30th of October for our next Symposium to meet us and learn more.







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