Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Rx-360 in the Spotlight: SCM World Report Highlights Best Practices in Protecting the Integrity of the Supply Chain Minimize

Rx-360 in the Spotlight: SCM World Report Highlights Best Practices in Protecting the Integrity of the Supply Chain

A recent SCM World report highlights the work Rx-360 is doing to protect patient safety by preventing events that compromise the integrity of the supply chain from occurring.  The report, “Every Day Low Price, Everyday High Risk: Protecting the Integrity of Food and Drug Supply Chains” focuses on the factors that are driving enhanced concern for the integrity of food and drug supply chains. It also discusses the ways that best-in-class industry practitioners have moved quality to the centre of go-to-market, supply chain and product lifecycle strategies. For these organisations, supply chain performance, quality and market need are becoming three sides of the same prism.

The report suggests that the problems with supply chain integrity are more prevalent in the food & beverage and consumer healthcare industries than in the traditional pharmaceutical industry. In fact, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) product recall data from press releases indicates the following:

  • Of the 168 product recalls that occurred during the first half of 2013 for the food and drug categories, 138 were for food and consumer healthcare products.
  • When you eliminate recalls associated with compounding pharmacies (which mix ingredients for prescriptions), only 18 were for traditional pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have better processes in place when it comes to protecting the integrity of the supply chain. On the upstream side, clearer quality agreements and change control processes with suppliers drives a lot of the performance.

Moreover, Rx-360 is mentioned as one consortium trying to foster collaboration across all stakeholders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical value chain. Members of the consortium are coordinating and collaborating on supplier audits to more efficiently protect the upstream supply chain. Rx-360 offers a strong and credible model for other industries, like food and beverage, to adopt to address common supply chain integrity issues.  The report suggests that food and beverage and pharmaceutical supply chain executives have much opportunity to share learning across their industries.

The full report can be accessed by clicking here.




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