Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Rx-360 is Presenting at Informex and Volunteering in February

Rx-360 Presentation:
“Risks to the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain; Can Rx-360 Help?”

When:  Wednesday, February 15th, 7:30 – 8:45 AM 

Where:  Informex, Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA, USA
Hall H, Room 261

Session Overview

The Worldwide Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, from raw materials to final products on the shelf, continues to face threats as a result of counterfeiting, adulteration, theft, and diversion which reduce the safety and efficacy of the drugs in the consumer’s medicine cabinet.  The severity of the problem was shown when at least 81 people died in 2008 as a result of purposely adulterated Heparin from a plant in China.

This hard hitting panel, will discuss what these risks to the supply chain are, the severity of the problem, and steps being taken by regulators and industry to mitigate these risks.  The panel will discuss what progress has been made to secure the supply chain and particular attention will be paid to Rx-360.  The consortium will be described and its activities will be discussed by the panel.

The session will be interactive and provide opportunities for the audience to become involved and to ask questions.

Session Goals

As a result of the symposium, the attendee will have a broader and more comprehensive understanding of the risks facing the pharmaceutical supply chain, the progress that has been made to secure the pharmaceutical supply chain and will have a greater understanding and familiarity and understanding of Rx-360.

Session Panelists:

Katherine Eban, Author, Dangerous Doses

Michael Levy, FDA

Gabrielle Cosel, Pew Health Group, Co-Author, After Heparin: Protecting Consumers from the Risks of Substandard and Counterfeit Drugs

Brian Johnson, Pfizer, Senior Director,  Supply Chain Security

Tom Beil, SAFC, VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Martin G. VanTrieste. Amgen, Senior Vice President, Quality

Moderator: Scott Watson, Executive Director, Sales and Marketing, AMPAC Fine Chemicals



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