Friday, October 21, 2016
Message from Vice Chair: Al Kentrup Minimize

In reflecting on the recent Rx-360 Board meeting in June, it’s clear that the progress of Rx-360 has really shifted into another gear. These are truly exciting times for our organization. There has been significant advancement of the overall position of Rx-360 as a true leader in our overall work in Supply Chain integrity and all of the facets that go along with it.

In just over six short months this year, the organization has come into greater alignment to make Rx-360 far more operational and even more impactful in the industry. These changes have resulted in organizational enhancements within Rx-360 that improve the focus on Supply Chain in a similar manner to audit functions; operational effectiveness adjustments that make the audit programs more robust, as well as – perhaps most importantly, increased membership. It has been clear from the very beginning that addressing a global issue will require a global, collaborative response and with our membership growing, there is progress in doing just that. 

Highlights of our progress include:
  • The efforts of the Audit Operations group, which have improved the overall business focus and drive to deliver significantly improved audit information and services across the two major audit programs.  
  • The implementation of the Supply Chain Security working group has produced unparalleled progress in working with other industry trade groups as well as respective Boards of Health to advance a common understanding, awareness and action plans to make further improvements in industry-wide programs. Within the first six months of 2012, working groups have gone full circle from engagement, to execution, and delivery as they have quickly completed their assigned tasks, further demonstrating the speed and effectiveness of the organization.
  • The Audit Database sub-group has completed another re-assessment of potential vendors and driven a decision for a long-term sustainable solution. This solution will make the Rx-360 database an effective and sustainable tool for further enhancing the capabilities of the audit processes and availability of reports

While all of this great progress has been achieved in the overall operations of Rx-360, it is also very noteworthy that the improved focus on driving membership has produced positive outcomes, namely bringing nine new members/observers on-board since January. The expansion of the membership is critical to the mission of Rx-360 as well as the future of Rx-360.  This engagement of new members serves as further evidence that the “best is yet to come” as we move forward through 2012 and beyond.





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