Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Supplier’s View: Rx-360 is an Industry Group like No Other Minimize

Supplier’s View: Rx-360 is an Industry Group like No Other

Article by: Guy Villax, CEO, Hovione

Rx-360 is an industry consortium founded in 2009, and it is the first of a new breed of forums that typifies the 21st century: it is a volunteer-driven organization that thrives on doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reason. Patient safety is at the centre of everything Rx-360 does. 

Our mission is to ensure patient safety by enhancing the authenticity and quality of medicinal products – a global issue which requires a global response.  To do this, Rx-360 embraces everyone:  large, small; innovators, generic manufacturers; suppliers, drug manufacturers, and device manufacturers; producers of APIs and packaging materials; regulated and non-regulated; providers of logistic services and analytical services; dosage form manufacturers and producers of chemicals and intermediates – any organization that is involved in the healthcare supply chain is welcome. 

Rx-360 has no home country; it was designed from day one to be global, to welcome organizations from all nations and all cultures. 


The Rx-360 Difference

In my experience, traditional industry associations tend to be more conservative and more exclusive - they defend the interests of their members and often work independently even when common-ground exists with other organizations.   

With Rx-360, working together is key – Rx-360 members know that working together is the only way to successfully address this global issue. Rx-360 is open-minded, transparent and collaborative. Volunteers are motivated by an important goal: protecting the patient and working to stop criminals who take advantage of the trust in medicines that has taken a hundred years to build. 

Why We Support Rx-360

Gathering information for the vendor qualification process at a low cost is a valuable service Rx-360 provides.  A big piece of that is audits to supplier companies like ours. While necessary, audits can be redundant, disruptive and costly exercises. Rx-360 aims to reduce the frequency of these audits, while making their quality and deliverables more robust. 

This is now so important that Rx-360 has commissioned customized software to manage the complete process: from identifying vendors that multiple members want to have audited, all the way to deploying a library of audit reports for viewing by authorized users. This goes live in 2013. But Rx-360 does so much more. 

As supply chain events unfold, Rx-360 finds experts to address serious matters very quickly and at low cost; for example when glass delamination emerged as an issue, we created a task force to assess the problem. Within 15 days of the Fukushima tragedy, we had a group of experts looking at the implications of nuclear radiation contaminating the supply chain.  As we gather expertise we share it with the industry at no cost. Regulators have taken an interest and are engaged with the organization.


I Invite You to Join Us in Helping Protect Patients

This year Rx-360 has made significant strides in progressing toward our mission.  This year a new working group was created to address Supply Chain Security, and has already been producing a series of white papers, practical tools and webinars on supply chain security, which have been received well. 

By the end of 2012 another working group will gather procurement professionals to establish early warning mechanisms to secure the supply chain. Indeed, back in the summer of 2007, six months before anyone died of falsified heparin, the price per kilo of heparin exported from China had trebled in price – this was a big red flag that could have helped save those patients lives, had it been tracked. These new teams are just two examples of how Rx-360 moving swiftly to make a difference for patients.

In the past year, over 300 individuals from around the world contributed to Rx-360 and they all do this in addition to their full-time jobs. Membership keeps growing and is now in excess of 100 organizations; and we have welcomed all the major healthcare industry associations as observers.

Consider how your organization can get involved in Rx-360. Learn more about membership and observer status. We are doing amazing things and making a real difference for patients worldwide.

Editor’s Note: If you would like more information on membership, please contact the Rx-360 Secretariat at [email protected].






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