Friday, October 28, 2016
  • Safety: the mission of the organization is first and foremost designed to protect patients, and patients will continue to benefit as the consortium further enhances the security of the supply chain and improves the quality of our products.
Regulatory Bodies
  • Time savings: with improved security and quality, regulatory bodies are able to focus their limited resources on other areas which are of higher risk to the public health.


Pharmaceutical Drug product Manufacturers
  • Protection of brand image: counterfeit and falsified medicines can tarnish a brand’s image, resulting in a decrease of consumer confidence and sales.
  • Improved quality: improving quality of raw materials, components, excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients and how they are stored and distributed will
    • reduce rejects, scrap, and investigations
    •  improve cycle times
    • lead to reduced inventories
    • subsequently reduce costs.
  • Reduction in audit burden: the shared audit program reduces the audit burden to the pharmaceutical drug product manufacturer and allow these resources to be redeployed to other quality efforts, such as working with their suppliers.     


  • Reduction in audit burden:  by replacing individual audits from pharmaceutical companies with a few thorough and broad shared audits, the supplier will be able to reduce the burden of audits and their costs
  • Reduction in administrative costs: the use of the standardized consortium Pre-Audit Questionnaire, Quality Agreements and Certificates of Analysis can significantly reduce administrative burden. This makes automation simpler and faster, thus reducing their overall costs

    Third Party Auditor Firms

  • Higher efficiency and efficacy: through the utilization of a common and standardized audit approach, including the audit report, and  the provision of all auditors with the same high quality training, auditors will be more effective and efficient.
  • Client Base: third party audit firms will develop a client base to grow their business. 

     Professional and Trade Organizations

  • Access to Comprehensive Standards and Training Materials: Rx-360 will continue to publish well-written comprehensive standards and training materials that organizations can use to benefit their members.

Rx-360 strives to offer superior value and services to its members. These benefits provide our members with resources for scientific and technical information, educational opportunities, and enhancement of practical skills. As a Rx-360 member, your company will have access to many beneficial resources, including: 


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