Sunday, October 23, 2016
Audit Sharing Program Minimize

The Audit Sharing Program allows members to share redacted audit reports with other member companies.



Audit Sharing provides many benefits including:


·        Shared audits provide a broader “picture” of Quality Culture and performance of a supplier

·        Existing reports can be used to identify and pre-screen new suppliers

·        Potential savings with evaluation of reports/responses to reduce supplier audit frequency/length, or audit scope


In the Audit Sharing Program, Rx-360 member audit reports (and associated audit responses from the suppliers) can be uploaded into a secure database with agreement from the supplier.  The audit reports/responses can then be accessed by other interested companies (as agreed to with the supplier).  This sharing of information can provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with on-going information about specific suppliers of interest, while providing suppliers with visibility to potential customers and the possibility, over time, of reduced pre-audit paperwork, and frequency and/or length of audits.   



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