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A collection of links to the websites of national and international regulatory authorities and compendia

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Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration
Australia - Medicines Regulation
Belgium - Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and Environmental
Brazil - Ministry of Health
Brazil - ANVISA
Bulgaria - National Drug Institute
Canada (Drug and Health Products)
China State Food and Drug Administration
Czech Republic - State Institute for Drug Control
Denmark: National Board of Health
Estonia - Ravimiamet State Agency of Medicines
EU Agency for Evaluation of Medicinal Products
European Department for the Quality of Medicines-EP
Finland: National Agency for Medicines
France - French Agency for the Safelty of Health Products
Germany - Federal Institute for Drug and Medicinal Devices
Greece - National Drug Organization
Hong Kong - Department of Health
Hungary - National Institute of Pharmacy
International Conference on Harmonization
Ireland - Irish Medicines Board
Italy - Ministero della Salute
Japan MHW - links to International sites
Latin America - Panamerican Health Organization
Latvia - State Agency of Medicines
Luxembourg - Ministere de la Sante
Lithuania - State Medicines Control Agency
Malta - Ministry of Health

The Netherlands - Medicines Evaluation Board
New Zealand - Medicine Standard
New Zealand Ministry of Health
Poland - Drug Institute
Portugal-National Institute for Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Products
Saudi Food and Drug Authority
Singapore - Ministry of Health
Slovak Republic - State Institute for Drug Control
Spain - Ministerio Sanidad y Consumo Direction
Sweden - Medicinal Products Agency
Taiwan-Pharmaceutical Affair Act
Thailand - Thailand FDA
United Kingdom - Medicines Control Agency
United States-Food and Drug Administration



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