Higher efficiency and efficacy: By adopting common and standardized audit reports and processes with a regulated level of auditor training, auditing is more efficient and effective.

Client base: Third-party audit firms have the opportunity to develop and expand their client base.

“Rx-360’s audit program brings value to the auditing experience through a joint audit and licensing approach. We have seen a willingness on the part of suppliers to accommodate thorough audits over multiple days, knowing that the information captured in the report will live on through report licensing. Because of the potential of a wider audience, the auditors are allowed to spend the time needed to realize a complete picture, which they present in the final reports.”

– Ben Mills, GMP Consultant, BSI Group

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  • Berry Auditing Services
  • Blue Inspection Body
  • BSI Supply Chain Solutions
  • MPC Consulting
  • PharmaPact Consulting Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Associates
  • Rephine Ltd
  • RMC Pharmaceutical Solutions
  • Safis Solutions LLC
  • SQA Services Inc.
  • STS Consulting