2015 Annual Conference

June 2-3, 2015

Presentations Title

Keynote Address

Case Study – Patient Perspective (not available)

FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigation Enforcement Efforts to Combat Counterfeit Medicines (not available)

FBI’s Enforcement Efforts to Combat Counterfeit Medicines (not available)

Counterfeit Medicines (not available)

Global Efforts on Fake Medicines (not available)

Update on Africa Supply Chain Improvement Team

Heparin and Intentional Adulteration of Drugs

Intentional Adulteration: Case Studies

Mitigating Threats to the Integrity of the Pharmaceutical Ingredients Supply Chain

Enforcing the Law for medicines and Medical Devices

Regulator Panel Discussion (not available)

Panel – NAFDAC Efforts (not available)

Global Serialisation Developments and the Need for Convergence

Traceability Data Exchange Architecture (TDEA) White Paper

Serialization: A Regulator’s Perspective

Global Serialization

Delivering a Comprehensive Serialization Traceability Program

Cargo Security Standards: Implementation Tips

Cargo Theft in the World of Today

APEC Roadmap to Promote Global Medical Product Quality and Supply Chain Integrity

Regulatory Convergence

Rouge Internet Pharmacies: Market Overview

On-Line Pharmacies Threats and Solutions (not available)

Threats of On-Line Pharmacies (not available)

Impact of Substandard/Spurious/Falsely-Labelled/Falsified /Counterfeit Medicines in Developing Nations and Innovative Approaches to Protect Patients: The Nigerian Experience

Crime and Disease Love a Legal Vacuum: Looking For Law Against Medicine Crime

FDA’s Initiative for Comprehensive Supply Chain Management and Security