Webinar: Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Version 2.0

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and industry suppliers recognize the inefficiency and waste of resources when each individual pharmaceutical company creates its own supplier assessment questionnaire. Suppliers routinely exhaust valuable resources continuously completing slightly different forms of substantially similar questionnaires. In order to create the Rx-360 Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), the Working Group analyzed numerous sample questionnaires submitted by Rx-360 members.

The Rx-360 SAQ covers standard information that would be included in most supplier assessment questionnaires. The 4-part questionnaire is more detailed than most, but will decrease the number of times that questionnaires will need to be filled out by the supplier, while significantly decreasing the turn-around time back to manufacturers.

The Rx-360 SAQ consists of four (4) modules:

  • General Company Information
  • Specific Site Information
  • Product Information
  • Services Supplier

The Working Group believes the Rx-360 SAQ will create helpful efficiencies for both suppliers and pharmaceutical manufactures alike by:

  • Eliminating time-consuming redundancies
  • Streamlining the process of approving suppliers
  • Allowing comparative analysis of basic information

The Supplier-Led Working Group strongly encourages suppliers and manufacturers to consider adopting the Rx-360 SAQ in standard use.

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