Supply Chain Security Steering Committee Work Group Charter

Supply Chain Security Steering Committee

The Rx-360 Supply Chain Security(SCS) Steering committee provides a strategic framework to efficiently deliver the foundational value of collaboratively resolving common supply chain security issues while ensuring to add value through addressing emerging issues and enhancing effectiveness of current and future regulations on a global level. Issues encompass the End-to-End Supply Chain from:

>Sourcing of materials involving risk mgmt., supplier oversight, material qualification, inspecting and testing, security of inbound logistics

> Manufacture processes including GMPs, security incident reporting, incorporation of anti-counterfeiting measures

> Product Authentication such as implementation of local serialization solutions, and compliance with local security features requirements

> Warehouse Security including cGDP auditing, logistical service provider management, CTPAT, Security, Inventory control, cGDP proctices

> Cargo Security issues such as carrier Assessment, Shipment tracking, LSP Assessment, Security measures

>  Market Surveillance including Reporting of counterfeit signals, & Education and adoption of controls by distributors

The SCS Steering Committee’s Goals are as follows:

  1. Attract and maintain a diverse steering committee and respective working groups of global supply chain subject matter experts (SMEs) to address evolving issues.
  2. Foster engagement in sharing developments in best demonstrated practices and industry developments with other current and potential future Rx-360 work groups.
  3. Expand web-based knowledge management and e-learning tools accessible via to enable increased collaboration and to make readily available to Rx-360 membership and other interested parties.
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