Rx-360 CEO Monthly Blog

Over the last 6 weeks I have begun to dive into the concept of “Future Thinking”.  Every day I run across people in our industry that work within their silos and concentrate with what needs to get done that day, focusing on the present.  As leaders we must always be thinking about the future.

When it comes to Rx-360, with the help of our great membership, we need to focus on being ahead of the curve.  We need to project and act on supply chain security issues that may affect patients.  Being proactive helps everyone, being reactive is simply saying, “we weren’t prepared”.  I view Rx-360 as a consortium that will be proactive.  We will be leaders in the supply chain security space, and we will drive for awareness and change in the industry.  The term “best practices” needs to be on our mind every day.  Our Working Groups are designed to do this, our consortium is build on this foundation.   Let’s be Future Thinkers together!

In the spirit of Future Thinking I want to thank all of our new Rx-360 Members for 2018.  I look forward to this list growing:

  • Heron Therapeutics
  • JAF
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Octapharma
  • Tracelink
  • TBSX3