Rx-360 Blog – Welcome to Our New Channel!

Welcome to the Rx-360 new Blog! Our Blog will give us a unique opportunity to share subject matter expert content, while also offering a place for us to interact with our community of quality and supply chain professionals. If you’re wondering what you can expect from the content you find on our Blog, and how the information here differs from the information you may find on our website, read on.

Our Blog will allow us to leverage social technologies to engage in two-way communication with our community and to take your feedback into consideration as we create new content, tools and resources. Here you’ll also find member stories, resources, and event updates, as well as details on opportunities to engage with the Rx-360 Consortium and other members of the community.

As we continue to build our Blog, we’ll also create specific content so you can learn more about the latest news, research and tips about protecting patient safety, supply chain security, data integrity and other relevant topics. We will be updating this Blog on a monthly basis to keep you in touch with insightful content as well as updates as to what is happening in the wider supply chain business world. There will be more than one contributor to make sure you get the breadth of topics and advice our consortium can offer – there is plenty to tell you about!

Take a moment to bookmark us and subscribe to receive updates from the Blog directly to your inbox. Be sure to check back regularly to our site for more information about our services and membership as well as useful industry news and tips.

We look forward to growing with you as we embark on this new journey. Thanks for stopping by!