Merck KGaA (MilliporeSigma in N.A.) (JA-0175)

Audit # JA-0175
Region Europe
Standards API
Company Merck KGaA (MilliporeSigma in N.A.)
Location Darmstadt, Germany
Date 29-31 July 2013
Materials Calcium Chloride Dihydrate (Merck mat. no. 1.02465);;Cocarboxylase Chloride (Merck mat. no. 5.00112);;di-Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate (Merck mat. no. 1.09828);;Magnesium Chloride (Merck mat. no. 1.02367);;Mannitol (Merck mat. no. 1.05303);;Potassium Iodide (Merck mat. no. 1.05040);;Praziquantel (Merck mat. no. 5.00022);;Sodium Fluoride (Merck mat. no. 1.06441);;Sodium Perchlorate (Merck mat. no. 1.06567);;Urea (Merck mat. no. 1.08432);;Zinc Chloride (Merck mat. no. 1.08815;

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