Corning (JA-1123)

Audit # JA-1123
Region Mexico
Standards Single Use Systems
Company Corning
Location Reynosa
Date TBD later in 2020 (May be July 14-15)
Materials Cryovial, 4.0ml; Tube,Cent, 15ml, PLG, PP, Bulk; Centriguge Tube, 15ml (w/ styrofoam tray); Centrifuge Tube, 50ml (w/ styrofoam tray); 15ml Conicals w/o styrofoam; 50ml Conicals w/o styrofoam; Vial, Cryo, Intl Thread, S, 2ml, round, silicone washer, self-stand; Vial Rack, PP, NS, BK, 2/2

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