GE Healthcare Bioscience Bioprocess (JA-583)

Audit # JA-583
Region United States
Standards Basic Chemicals/Raw Materials
Company GE Healthcare Bioscience Bioprocess
Location Westborough, MA
Date 17-18 June 2015
Materials Basic Chemicals/Raw Materials:;ATF10 Filter Cartridge;ATF10 Hollow Fiber Cartridge 7SOKDa;ATF6 Filter Cartridge;TUBNG Readym DAC 2SO 1/4" barb SOp;TUBNG Readymate AKTA Low Flow Kit /SOL;Cellbag Bioclear 10 Film;SOL GE Cu lture Bag;Bag 10 L Disp Bioreactor Sterile;Bag 20 L Wave Cell Sterile;Bag SO L Wave Ce ll Sterile;Bag SOL Wave Cell Sterile;Biobag SO L Wave Sterile;Biobag Cellbag Disp Bioreactor;

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