Capsugel (JA-630)

Audit # JA-630
Region United States
Standards Excipient
Company Capsugel
Location Greenwood, SC
Date 6-7 October 2015
Materials Excipients: Clear Gelatin Capsule Printed; White Opaque Gelatin Capsule; Gray Opaque Gelatin Capsule; White Gelatin Capsule Purple gelatin capsule Pancrease MT/20 Size 0 Natural - STOCK Tylox SPORANOX 100MG GENERIC Tolectin DS Sporanox 100 Topiramate Sprinkles, 50mg Pancrease MT16 Topamax Sprinkles 50mg Halal Omnicef 300mg unprinted Topamax 25mg Pancrease MT/10 REMINYL ER 24MG Topamax 25mg Halal SZ 2 White Op/White Op Elmiron Topamax 15mg REMINYL ER 16 MG Topamax 15mg Halal SZ 4 NAT/NAT Pancrease MT 4 REMINYL ER 8MG Topomax 100mg Cápsulas de Gelatina Duras Nº 0 CAP.GEL STUGERON RETARD NUM 0 CAP.GEL itraconazol NUM 0; CAP.GEL SEC-ITRA NUM 0; GEL CAPS No.0 NAR NAR Tolectin; GEL CAPS No.0 BCO BCO-Tylex CD GEL CAPS IMODIUM * 2MG NO.4; GEL CAPS STUGERON 75 MG NO.4; CAP.GEL GAL 16 NUM. 2; CAPSULA DE GELATINA NO.1; CAP.GEL GAL 8 NUM. 4; CAPSULA GEL N ° 1 AMAR.OPACO DOLOFLAM CAPSULA GEL N ° 4 BCO-ROSA BENADRYL; 50MG;

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