Clondalkin Pharma & Healthcare (JA-632)

Audit # JA-632
Region United States
Standards Packaging
Company Clondalkin Pharma & Healthcare
Location Manati, PR
Date 22-23 April 2015
Materials LFLET PI VI AS AU 954 r04 ;LFLET PKG PFS AS US 916 r11 ;LFLET PI PFS CO 60mg 049 ;LFLET PT SYR MX AS 033 ;LFLET PKG PFS AS US 011 r09 ;LFLET PKG AP AS AU 006 r05 ;LFLET PI VI AS AU 049 r00 ;LFLET VIAL PKG AR 120mg 049 ;LFLET PT VI BR AS 954 r02 ;LFLET VI PKG 100mg PH 954

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