Mays Ochoa (JA-663)

Audit # JA-663
Region United States
Standards API/Excipient
Company Mays Ochoa
Location Catano, PR
Date 22-23 October 2015
Materials Basic Chemicals/Raw Materials:Sodium Hexametaphosphate;Riboflavin USP;Pantothenic Acid;Hydrochloric Acid NF;Sodium Hydroxide 10M lsotainer;Excipient:;Acetic Acid Glacial USP/EP/JP;Mcrocrystl Cellulse pH102 NF/EP/JP;Colloidal Silicon Dioxide NF/EP/JP;Magnesium Stearate NF/EP/JP;Magnesium Stearate NF/EP/JP /RESIN Dowex;1X4 20-50 Mesh Chloride;EX CPT Carnuba Wax;EX CPT Dry Premix for Salmon Color Coatin;Drum Plastic HDPE 30gal

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