DSM Dalry (JA – 734)

Audit # JA - 734
Region United Kingdom
Standards Excipient / Basic Chemicals / Raw Materials
Company DSM Dalry
Location Dary, Ayrshire
Date October 25th -26th 2016
Materials Ascorbic acid (DSM code 0408050) Ascorbic acid, fine powder (DSM code 0422460) Ascorbic acid, fine granular (DSM code 0408093) Calcium D-pantothenate (DSM code 0412678) D-Panthenol/Dexpanthenol (DSM code 0413852) DL-Panthenol 50L (DSM code 0480746) Sodium Ascorbate crystalline (DSM code 0408174) RS-pantolactone technical (DSM code 0421758)

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