Merck KGaA (MilliporeSigma in N.A.) – formerly SAFC / Sigma-Aldrich (JA-876)

Audit # JA-876
Region Switzerland
Standards Excipients
Company Merck KGaA (MilliporeSigma in N.A.) - formerly SAFC / Sigma-Aldrich
Location Industriestrasse 25 Buchs CH-9470
Date Aug 29-30 2018
Materials Benzalkonium chloride Pharma grade EP, USP, JP Basic Chemicals/Raw Materials: L-Methionin Sulfoximin Hypoxahthin 6-aminohexanoic acid HOBt monohydrate Tropolone Media Pluronic F-68 2-amino-ethanol; Beta-aminoethyl alcohol; Glycinol, Beta-hydroxyethylamine, 2- Hydroxyethylamine, Kolamin, Monoaethanolamin. L-2-Amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid 3 phosphate. Imidazole Cysteamine hydrochloride Piperidine

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