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Idea-sharing is key. Rx-360 provides opportunities for our members to work together and become highly engaged in developing and implementing systems and process that drive positive industry change.

Involvement in our globally recognized organization gives members a distinct voice within the life sciences/medical device community along with the ability to partner together with other members to help set standards, drive improvements, collaborate internationally and develop end-to-end supply chain solutions, that will insure patient safety.
Rx-360 Members can Influence the Industry by volunteering to serve on both domestic and internationally based Working Groups, our members collaborate directly with their peers to understand existing challenges and determine innovative solutions world wide.
Rx-360 members are presented with a variety of opportunities to network and benchmark with industry peers. Members become directly involved within the organization's activities and stay on the forefront of what's happening in the industry by participating in professional learning.
Focused on strong partnerships between manufacturers and suppliers to ensure supply chain integrity, Rx-360’s joint audit program is a robust and efficient program that can reduce audit costs through timely collaboration, and quality driven initiatives

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