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Rx-360 offers superior value, support and services to our members, including scientific and technical information and educational opportunities while enhance our members’ practical skills.

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Underlying Benefits of Working Groups

Membership Benefits


  • Interact with industry peers on best practices
  • Share ideas in a confidential environment
  • Improve knowledge base & preparation for trends within the industry

Working Groups

  • Join an interactive environment
  • Influence the industry via collaborative content development
  • Drive industry wide standards & guidelines

Joint Audit Program

  • Minimize on site audits for Suppliers
  • Streamline audit function efficiency
  • Improve audit quality & thoroughness using industry resources

Global Reach

  • Increase international supply chain security
  • Identify & mitigate risks globally
  • Influence & understand regulatory authorities

Educational Training

  • Improve supply chain
  • Integrate quality based skills
  • Expand business network

Exclusive Resources

  • Exclusive Member only content
  • Discounted Audit Licensing
  • Free Events & Webinars

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