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December has always been a great time of reflection.  For me, it’s been a time to  relive my initial 10 months at Rx-360.  Reflect on the progress and get excited about the opportunities that 2019 will bring.  Most of all its been a month of thanking the individual members of Rx-360 who have not only helped me this year but were part of rolling up their sleeves and driving our 2018 success.

Many of you may know that 2019 will be the Ten-Year Anniversary of Rx-360.  A mission that was started with the sole purpose of securing the supply chain that effects patients therapies, and their safety.  I always remind myself that it’s all about the patient.  As we embark upon 2019 and our continued focus on our mission I reflect back to the great stories I have been told about the initial meetings to form Rx-360.  The dedication of people like Martin VanTrieste, Gerry Migliaccio, Mike McKay, Barbara Allen, Donna Gulbinski, Lynne Byers, Janice Whitaker, Sharon Bleach and Natalie Garrett (the original Advisory Board)  should never be forgotten.  It’s our job to continue to drive and expand on the work that was initially discussed and launched.  Rx-360 is a “calling” and responsibility.

In 2019 Rx-360 will expand on our 2018 successes.  Whether it was the great metrics associated with the Joint Audit Program, the expansion of our Working Groups, collaboration partners, international footprint, and industry education, we will leave no stone unturned this upcoming year in an effort to drive our membership needs.

Join with Rx-360 in Moving the Needle in 2019.  The importance of supply chain security has never been higher.  It’s time to be proactive and drive best practices that will help the safety of all patients!