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Networking and Learning:

I have always been a big believer in mindset of learning from others, whether they are peers, mentors, or even those who might report directly to you.  Everyone has an expertise or core competency.  Everyone has valuable experiences to share.  It’s our job as learners to utilize all resources to improve ourselves.  Being able to gather knowledge data, helps us grow, and make exciting decisions.  These decisions in the workplace are what will define us.  These decisions are what will allow our teams and organizations to grow.  These decisions are your forever footprint.

I am quite often asked, “How did you know that?”.  In most cases it’s a very simple answer.  I either gained experience by doing, trial and error, or I learned from others.  It’s the learning from others that I truly enjoy.  Making a decision that helps drive a success ramp, and then thanking someone who may have knowingly or even unknowingly helped, is one of the greatest feelings I have had during my career.

Building a learning foundation or skillset is something that can be done at any stage of your career, but once that foundation is built, allow it to expand.  Attending conferences is one way that I have been able to learn and build a trusted network over the years.  Having the confidence in yourself to say hello to anyone, or seek out those you want to meet, will not only expand your knowledge base, but help in branding yourself and your organization.  It’s with this mindset that I encourage everyone who has interest in patient safety and supply chain security, whether its in pharmaceuticals or medical device to Rx-360 this year at the Global Life Science Supply Chain Conference in Miami.

On September 25th and 26th of this year some of the best networking minds will convene to share ideas, learn from each other and collaborate as part of one of the fastest growing Membership Consortium’s in the world.  As I questioned in my last month’s blog, “What are you doing today to ensure patient safety”?  I now give you an outlet.  Learn from others, network with experts, and help protect patients.  If you would like to join me in Miami or would simply like to connect to learn more about Rx-360 and its networking and learning opportunities, please don’t hesitate to connect.  What is going to be your forever footprint?

You can register for the Global Life Science Supply Chain Conference by clicking here.

Jim Fries, CEO Rx-360

April 2018