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Over 20 years ago this month I began my career in the world of healthcare.  At the time I was truly new to an industry that was constantly changing, highly regulated, and extremely competitive.  For me the one true reason that I wanted to challenge myself in the world of medical device, diagnostics, and pharma was based around the idea of patient safety.  I made it a habit then and I still do it over 20 years later, I ask myself at the end of the day, “Did I have a positive impact, today, on patient safety”.

This mindset is something that I have made part of my fabric, and that is why I am attracted to, and extremely excited to be part of the Rx-360 family.  I can remember as a young adult watching my mother enter an experimental cancer treatment program, and asking myself, “Is she safe…was the therapy she was undertaking safe?”   What I now recognize is that every person no matter who you are can have an impact on the safety of all patients, by simply asking questions, challenging our current healthcare system, and then lobbying for change, when change is needed.  It is an absolute and humbling honor to now work with a group of industry professionals who have that same mission.

Over the course of my initial weeks as the Rx-360 CEO, I have witnessed true passion from so many people that are part of our Consortium.  That energy is evident in all our Working Groups, whether the topic is Supply Chain Security, Data Integrity, or any of the issues our Working Groups are tackling internationally in China, India, Africa and around the world.  The individuals and member companies that make up the Rx-360 Consortium are dedicated visionaries, who have a true desire through their hard work, to very simply make sure our industries do the right things to ensure that all patients are safe.

I would like to encourage and empower each person who is a current Rx-360 member, to continue your hard work.  Our internal team here at Rx-360 is here to support you.    For those companies who are members of Rx-360, I encourage you as an industry leader to offer the value of our Consortium to all your talented employees.  Their involvement will help their growth, and in turn help your company.  For those of you who are non-members, I encourage you to reach out to Rx-360, learn about who we are, and how we can help you, help yourself in driving home the mission of patient safety.

All this encouragement, involvement, and empowerment leads us to one place and one question, “What are you doing, today, to insure patient safety”

Jim Fries

Rx-360 CEO


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