2019: Moving the Needle in Supply Chain Security and Patient Safety

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To:         All Rx-360 Members

From:    Jim Fries

Re:         2019:  Moving the Needle in Supply Chain Security and Patient Safety

Welcome to 2019!  The entire team at Rx-360 looks forward to serving our entire Membership this year and capitalize on the advances we made in 2018.  This past year was a period of significant growth for our organization.  Most notably was the progress we made in the Joint Audit Program.  By working together as a Membership, we were able to not only increase the number of audits requested by 10% but we also improved our timeliness when it came to be delivering the final audit report from 90.1 days in 2017 to 28.7 days in 2018.  The Audit License Program exhibited strong growth in 2018, doubling in volume.  Special thanks to the efforts of our internal team, the Audit Operations Group, and our audit vendor (BSI).  My expectations are that this trend grows even more in the upcoming year.

I also want to make sure that we recognize the efforts of our Working Groups.  We now have an all-time high in unique individual members of our Working Groups, over 200 participants, as well as an all-time high in projects initiated with twelve.  Congratulations again to our internal team as well as all our Chairs, Co-Chairs, and Working Group members for their efforts.   By enhancing our Working Group Model in 2019, I anticipate this being the driving force for a return on your Membership.

As most of you know, Rx-360 is an International Consortium.  We took steps in 2018 to improve and expand our international footprint.  Beginning with the continued success of our Africa Working Group, through our China Working Group meeting in Shanghai.  I look forward in 2019 to expanding our reach in India, Latin America, and possibly even the Gulf Region.

This upcoming year will bring a proactive focus in two main areas for Rx-360.  One will be to expand our reach and let people know and understand our capabilities as an organization.  We will seek to do that through expanding our educational opportunities to our Membership, as well as, better customer service and membership development/engagement.  We want to meet and exceed your expectations.  The second area will be adhering to our mission of patient safety and the security of the supply chain.  To achieve this, we will continue and expand our 2018 success in the Joint Audit and License Program. We will increase our worldwide regulatory interaction on your behalf and bring new and exciting education opportunities to pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers throughout the world.  I will also look to expand our podium presence at conferences to spread the word or our mission and successes.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Rx-360.  This upcoming year is our 10-year anniversary and I am confident we will make it the best year ever.  Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of assistance, or if you have suggestions.  I value each Member.  Stay tuned throughout Q1 of 2019 as we will be announcing many of our new initiatives, collaborations, and celebrations to enhance and bring even more value to you as a Member of the Rx-360 Family.



Jim Fries, CEO