Fraudulent Correspondence – Warning to all Members & Non-Members

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Dear Rx-360 Members & Non-Members,

Rx-360 has been made aware that fraudulent correspondence was sent to a small number of our Members stating that Rx-360 has changed its banking details. That correspondence is not from Rx-360. Rx-360 has not changed its banking details and has no current plans to do so.

We take these incidents very seriously. In order to protect your interests we strongly recommend that you share this communication with relevant staff, particularly those in your Finance Department, and encourage them to be alert in respect of any correspondence requesting a change to account details.

Should you receive an email alleging to be from Rx-360 that directs you to take some action in relation to your account, please take no such action. Instead, forward the email to: so that we may incorporate it into our investigation.

We value your business and apologize for any inconvenience your organization may be caused. Thank you in advance for your attentiveness.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact; 215-317-4476.


Jim Fries