Rx-360 is proud to announce our Working Group Member of the Month for December:

Cheryl Basile, Manager, QA GMP Planning & Management at Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. Rx-360 would like to thank Cheryl for her contributions to the Audits Standard Sub Team.  This team has updated the API standard and are in the final stages of review for raw materials and excipients.  In addition to the Audit Standards Sub Team Cheryl is also an active member on the Audit Operations Group as well as a primary author to the Supplier Led Working Group Supplier Assessment Questionnaire Version 2.0. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Rx-360, an International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Consortium, is very pleased to announce our Working Group Member of the Month Award.  This award is given every month to an individual member of one of the Rx-360 Working Groups that shows the highest level of interaction, leadership, and passion for the Rx-360 mission.

Rx-360 and its membership is very proud of our Working Group model, the content it has delivered for the industry and the educational value that each group brings to member and non-members alike. Current Rx-360 Working Groups include and are focused in the areas of:

  1. Supply Chain Security (including the Africa GDP Work Group)
  2. Audit Operations
  3. Communication
  4. Data Integrity
  5. Medical Device & Combination Product (discussion group)
  6. Medical Device
  7. Monitoring & Reporting
  8. Suppliers
  9. China based Work Group
  10. India based Work Group
  11. Latin America based Work Group

Rx-360 is an International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Consortium whose mission is to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes to improve the integrity of the health care supply chain and the quality of its materials. See www.rx-360.org for more information or email us directly at jfries@rx-360.org