Rx-360 Supplier Led Working Group Releases Pre-Audit Questionnaire

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The Rx-360 Supplier Lead Working Group is pleased to announce the release of the newest module for the Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) program.  Module 5: Pre-Audit Questionnaire, was completed in collaboration with the Rx-360 Audit Operations Group (AOG) and will be used as part of the Rx-360 Joint Audit Program.  In addition, just like any of the 4 previous SAQ modules, this module can be downloaded by any company and used as part of your supplier audit and qualification program.  The module is intended to help collect relevant information prior to arriving on site, so that the auditors arrive having a more focused and better understanding of activities occurring at the audit site.  Responding to the  Pre-Audit Questionnaire also helps suppliers manage the scope of the audit and the expectations of the auditor and helps both parties have a more efficient and effective audit process.  All of the modules in the Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) program are free to download and are available at this link.