Rx-360 Welcomes Newest Manufacturer Member Heron Therapeutics

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Rx-360 would like to welcome our newest manufacturer member Heron Therapeutics. We asked several questions to better understand their position within the supply chain and the expectations they have of the consortium. We are happy to have Heron Therapeutics as a collaborative member of Rx-360 in our mission to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes to improve the integrity of the healthcare supply chain. As always, you can contact Heron Therapeutics and all member organizations through our Member Directory. Welcome to the consortium we look forward to working with you.

Can you tell us a little about your company or organization?

Heron is a commercial-stage biotechnology company focused on improving the lives of patients by developing best-in-class treatments that address some of the most important unmet patient needs. Heron is developing novel, patient-focused solutions that apply its innovative science and technologies to already-approved pharmacological agents for patients suffering from cancer or pain. For more information, visit www.herontx.com.

What led you to join Rx-360?

Prior experience at other companies and access to audit reports

Which areas are you looking to get involved in with Rx-360? Perhaps, you have specific working groups that are of interest to your organization.

Quality, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Suppliers

How do you see the joint audit program supporting your organization?

Reduce number of audits conducted by heron.