Report provided by the Transported Asset Protection Association

TAPA Americas collects, records, analyzes and reports on cargo theft data for the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil through the Incident Information System (IIS). While quite comprehensive in the United States, cargo theft data collection for Canada is still being developed and will be provided when available. The IIS will issue separate reports for Mexico and Brazil.

In 2016, the number of Pharmaceuticals thefts dropped by 32% but the average loss value rose by 11% to $265,209. This included a single theft valued at over $1 million, and 91% of thefts reporting a value. More notable, however, is the methods of theft utilized to obtain Pharmaceuticals. In 2015, Pilferage was tied for the most used theft method within Pharmaceuticals, while in 2016 Pilferage was the second most utilized method of theft, but at 26% was still the highest rate of Pilferage within any single product type. As Pharmaceuticals are very cost dense, large profits can be had with relatively small scale thefts such as Pilferage while also serving as an advanced intelligence gathering method for criminals. This allows for verification of the suspected contents of a load as well as determining if any security countermeasures are in place.


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As is usual within the theft of Pharmaceuticals, Medication was both the most often stolen and most valuable subtype, with 62% of theft volume and an average loss value of $286,364. The Nutritional subtype recorded a spike in theft rate, jumping to 29% of total Pharmaceuticals thefts in 2016.

TAPA Official Annual Report