Rx-360 Supplier Led Working Group Releases Version 2.0 of Product Information Module (Module 3)

The Rx-360 Supplier Led Working Group (SLWG) is very pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of the Rx-360 Supplier Assessment Questionnaire, Module 3.  Module 3 has been broken down into several appendices to make the module more user friendly. The industry volunteers of the SLWG have been working on this update the last 12-months and have incorporated all requested additions as well as many of the latest industry concerns and trends into the questionnaire.  In addition, we are releasing instructions for end users on how these modules can be used.

Module 1 (Company), Module 2 (Site) & Module 3 (Product Information) as well as instructions are available to download NOW on the Rx-360 website at this link.  Module 4 is planned to be released by the end of Q1. Once version 2.0 is fully released, the SAQ team will begin work on additional NEW modules that have been requested. Thank you for your support of the industry-leading, Rx-360 Supplier Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ).