Our Mission

Our Mission is to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes related to the integrity of the healthcare supply chain and the quality of its materials.

History of Rx-360
  1. Industry is shaken by the Heparin contamination crisis.

  2. Martin VanTrieste named Rx-360 initial Board of Directors Chair.

  3. US Federal Trade Commission granted Rx-360 an Advisory Opinion and Freedom to Operate.

  4. The Audit Operations Group oversees and manages all aspects of the Rx-360 auditing programs, develops audit initiatives, modifies and improves existing programs and addresses changes in regulation in respect to Rx-360 guidelines and templates.

  5. The Rx-360 Joint Audit Program allows one or more Rx-360 member(s) or nonmember(s) to request an audit of a particular supplier. Rx-360 would internally identify who wishes to sponsor a joint audit. A unique feature about the Joint Audit Program is that sponsors are blinded from one another.

  6. auditsPLUS is Rx-360’s Joint Audit Program Database. auditsPLUS is a secure web-based database application designed to promote efficiency within the Joint Audit Program and serves as a repository for all audits, audit-specific documentation and the necessary legal agreements.

  7. First stand alone Rx-360 Conference.

  8. Rx-360 was a key contributor to the APEC Supply Chain Tool Kit on several workgroups.

  9. Please click the above link to view Jim Fries bio.