Rx-360 Hires 15-Year Communications Veteran as First Head of Marketing & Membership Development

Philadelphia, February 14, 2022 — Rx-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium, is proud to announce that Michael Cavacini has been hired as its first Head of Marketing & Membership Development.

As a member of Rx-360’s leadership team, Michael will play an integral role within the organization, applying his 15 years of experience to accelerate the consortium’s growth and bolster its client service through a vast array of marketing and membership development efforts.

“Michael is a sophisticated and dynamic professional with a wealth of marketing and communications experience,” said Jim Fries, Rx-360 CEO. “Last year was our best yet, and we’re confident that Michael joining our leadership team will help Rx-360 build on that success to reach even greater heights.”

In this new role, Michael will focus on numerous internal and external goals and objectives related to marketing, communications, and membership development. He will serve as the driving force behind the growth and optimization of Rx-360’s social media content, website, and marketing materials. When it comes to membership development, Michael will strengthen existing relationships and cultivate new ones, playing a key role in the inquiry and onboarding membership process. Additionally, he will provide support for Rx-360’s Working Groups, which offer members the unique opportunity to benchmark with their peers, conduct confidential industry surveys, and participate in pharmaceutical best practice development.

“Rx-360 is a fantastic organization with a stellar reputation for being an enthusiastic and reliable industry leader that delivers top-tier client service,” said Michael Cavacini. “The sheer talent and positivity of the individuals working for Rx-360 is staggering, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside them to take this organization to the next level.”

Prior to Rx-360, Michael worked in a myriad of roles for top law firms and communications agencies. He also served as the Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Additionally, Michael was a professor at Temple University, his alma mater, providing students with a curriculum that blended theory with applied marketing and communications concepts.

About Rx-360:

Rx-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium, was formed in 2009 to support an industry-wide commitment to ensuring patient safety by enhancing quality and authenticity throughout the supply chain. The organization’s mission is to protect patient safety by sharing information and developing processes related to the integrity of the healthcare supply chain and the quality of materials within the supply chain. To learn more about Rx-360, please visit http://www.Rx-360.org or email jfries@rx-360.org.