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As supply chains become more global, complex and increasingly vulnerable to adulteration and counterfeiting, Rx-360 has increased its focus on strong partnerships between pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the integrity of supply chains through on-site auditing.

The audit program allows cosponsorship of audits in a confidential manner.

Reduce the number of audits they perform by utilizing this joint auditing approach.
By reducing the number of audits of a supplier site, while increasing the effectiveness of audits performed, the Rx-360 Joint Audit approach can potentially reduce over all costs.
All Rx-360 Joint Audits are conducted using standardized guides developed by Rx-360 Members.
Rx-360 utilizes a database (auditsPLUS) that allows for audit tracking to be done in a real time and confidential manner.
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Frequently Asked Questions
The Rx-360 Joint Audit Program allows one or more Rx-360 member(s) or nonmember(s) to request an audit of a particular supplier. Rx-360 would internally identify who wishes to sponsor a joint audit. A unique feature about the Joint Audit Program is that sponsors are blinded from one another.
Currently the Rx-360 Joint Auditing Program includes audits of suppliers of APIs, excipients, basic chemicals and raw materials, packaging components and Good Distribution Practices (GDP), single use systems, supply chain security, contract laboratory, and software vendors.
Rx-360 auditing guidelines for APIs, excipients, basic chemicals & raw materials, Good Distribution Practices (GDP), and supply chain security are created and used by only Rx-360.
auditsPLUS is Rx-360's Joint Audit Program Database. auditsPLUS is a secure web-based database application designed to promote efficiency within the Joint Audit Program and serves as a repository for all audits, audit-specific documentation and the necessary legal agreements.
As a supplier the joint audit program can reduce your auditing burden because more than one of your customers may be part of a single audit, as well as the final audit report may be licensed to other customers, again minimizing the number of on site audits at your facility.